We have arrived.
Leon picked us up and the airport and it was a
short ride to his house ( airbnb ).

Flowers spilling over on to the upper level deck.


The back yard from the upper deck.

We then decided to do a little walkabout into down town.

Strange tree on the way to town

Public drinking fountain.

Saint John's Cathedral. Very impressive church.
There are two side by side stained glass windows.
The left one is an Australian eagle with the Australian flag above.
The right one is an American eagle with the American flag above.
They were put in shortly after the second world war to commemorate
the Aussies and Americans lost in the war.

Some street side artwork.

A long billed bird buddy that was hanging in one of the small parks.

Now it is time to get some rest and try to shake the jet lag.
It's more like super jet lag plus.





One of my favorite food groups.


A strange name for a furniture store in Brisbane


A trip to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary


She seemed to like me, at least didn't bite or scratch me.


Kookaburra, What a noisy bird.

My kookaburra video.


I made friends with a young kangaroo.
I found it interesting that the kangaroo
actually had softer fur than the koala.






Brisbane at night



Little change of plan. This was going to be Australia Zoo day.

Nimbin pulled rank so we rented a car and were off.

Driving on the other side isn't too bad.

It is a little over a two hour drive from Brisbane.

Interesting mountain with sugar cane in the foreground.




Australia Zoo day

Where it's at.







Tasmanian Devil


Big white bird




My ride, saddled and ready




The dingo what ate my baby






White rhino


This koala was really tired.



Basically a travel day.

Spotted on the Esplanade in Cairns.



Kuranda via Skyrail









Great Barrier Reef




The area over the reef the tours were operated from.




Another travel day.


( Ayers Rock )

I have so many pictures for today that it will take me
some time to get them sorted and posted






No pictures today, but a meal to be remembered.

This is the menu item we had.


My order of preference was






The emu was quite good. not at all like chicken or turkey.
Actually a flavor reminiscent of venison.

The camel was a sweet tender meat.

The kangaroo was tender and hardy tasting.

The crocodile was a very light colored meat.
I was expecting a fishy taste but was wrong,
this was the closest to chicken tasting.