The adventures of two friends, one of whom is Dutch.
We will have at our disposal a car, a motor scooter, and
two bikes. With local, mid range, and long range covered
It is hard to tell where in Europe we will set feet.


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November 13 

Arrived in Amsterdam just about noon time.
Hit Voyagers right out of the Centraal Station.
Got some 9 euro Amnesia Haze that  worked very well for me

Walked Robert around Amsterdam a bit.
From Voyagers we went out Haarlemmerstraat, I
wanted to pick up some sweets for Louisa.

On the way back to the station we did a quick stop
at the Asoka, Tak wasn't home so I left a little
present at his door


Robert In Amsterdam Please note the sunshine

Robert In Amsterdam


Too make it tougher on him, when we got to Haarlem,
We walked from the Station to Louisa's ( his mother ) house in
the south end of town.

Fiets tires need air, a project for tomorrow.

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November 14

Spent the day mostly sleeping and getting ready for tomorrow's road trip
to Purmerend and Hoorn for a few out of town menus.



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November 15

Started the day with a light drizzle and a hit or two of that
lovely Amnesia Haze from Voyagers.

Then came the bread and cheese, Chocomel, and stroopwaffels.


Front window view
The view from Louise's front window.

And today's adventure begins.

Went to Purmerend, No menu pictures at Coffeeshop Anna.
Menu picture from Spliff II ( to be posted shortly )

Next stop was Hoorn

Coffeeshop Zuiderzee also allowed a menu photo ( posted shortly )
Coffeeshop Blue Tomato said no.

While we were in Hoorn Sinter Klause arrived.

Swart Pete
I met up with Swart Pete


Sinter Klause arrived


Swart Pete review show


Next stop was Volendam

As most fishing villiages it smelled rather fishy.

Louise wanted a picture taken, so here we all are in costume

The Crew
Click image for full size.

Left to right - Remco, Louise. Robert, Barry, Me.

Much Chocomel,  krokette, stroopwaffels, and strawberries were
consumed by all.


On our return to Haarlem we arrived to an excellent hot meal.


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November 16


Ludwig and Petra from Germany and Truis from Amsterdam visited today.

Once I dragged out of bed, I decided a nice long hot shower and hair wash
was in order. By time I got downstairs for my Wake & Bake the kitchen
looked like a pastry shop. Goodies from Germany and Amsterdam aplenty.
We were invited to a Sunday dinner in Germany ( 2 hour drive time ). So a
road trip to Germany is in the Master plan.

After the company left Robert decided to fix a broken wall lamp. It ended
up requiring a walk to the local hardware store. After all that pastry the walk
was very good on me. Robert got the lamp fixed and it looks good.

Tomorrow we road trip.


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November 17


The day started out rather cloudy but slowly worked it's
way around into being a pretty nice day.

I am going to make this short and sweet, I'm weary.

It was a roadtrip day. Robert wanted to get used to the car
that we were lent for our stay.

The itinerary:
Actually it was a bit random and Robert wanted to see if the old
roads he ran as a kid were still there. Some were, some weren't.

Lisse, Leiden, Leidendorp, Den Hague, Scheveningen, Katwijk,
de Zilk, Sassenheim, Hillegom, Bennegom, Vogelzang, Bloemendahl,
Zandvoort, Heemstede, and back to Haarlem Zuid.

The pictures:

Downtown Leiden


Scheveninger Beach


Crazy assed surfers


One of the two lane blacktop roads we traveled.


The old Scheveningen lighthouse


More two lane blacktop except in the dunes.


Zandvoort beach


Lookin at Zandvoort from the north
Yes, two different cameras


Zandvoort beach again

I am outta here and into bed. 


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November 18


Today is Louisa's 88th ( she says ) birthday celebration, though
her birthday isn't until tomorrow.

Kin folks and friends will be visiting in and out all day.

By time I got up and around the first batch of pastry was
here and had been gotten into.

This box had already been gotten into.
It is a tough job, but someone has to eat it.

The phone has been ringing off the hook with people
calling in birthday wishes.




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November 19


Today is an Amsterdam day.

Robert wanted to check out some of his old childhood haunts
so biked with me to the train station. I parked my bike at the
station and he continued riding.

First task was a little shopping for folks back home.

You won't get the packageing for obvious reasons.


I bought them out of these so I don't want to hear any bitching about
why there are not any more than I have.

Shopping done, I started checking out some of my favorite haunts.
The 18:00 ( 6pm ) opening time put a bit of a crimp in  it for me.

I visited with my friend Ted on the Asoka. We talked about everything
from old dogs we have had to what was planned for tomorrow.

A little after 18:00 I decided to retry my previous attempt at crawling
some of my old favs. I had much better results this time through.

As 21:00 ( 9pm ) approached I headed for Voyagers and USBONGLORD's
T&T.  The man is a walking coffeeshop.. Gapie ( the bundle of pure energy)
was in and out in just a few minutes. I talked at length with luvtick, we got to
known each other a little better.

When Voyagers shut down a little after 10, I headed for the train station and
Haarlem. From the Haarlem station it was a short bike ride home.


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November 20


A nice sleep in day to make up for what I put my body through
yesterday and last night.

That reminds me, a leftover picture from yesterday.
The beehive getting ready for Christmas.


Today is dinner at Remco and Louise's house.

The menu was a stampot saurkraut type thing with some
excellent sausage to go with it. A good hardy Dutch meal.

They have a dog and three cats. The dog and two of the cats
and I hit if all quite well. The third cat was a little standoffish
but came around after a short while. Seeing everyone else getting
attention and spoiling probably did the trick.

Well, tomorrow is a road trip through Friesland so I am getting some rest.


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November 21


Road trip to Leeuwarden

Robert wanted to go to Friesland where the Chocomel cows live.

I made a list of coffeeshops in Leeuwarden, almost a dozen, but
only made it to three. Relax ( no menu ), American ( once I post
their menu you will see this one deserves a pass. Repelsteeltje, a
very nice shop with half grams and truffles on the menu. It will be
the first I post once I get caught up here.


I like blue


Every building tilts a little differently

We then decided to do a ring around the Ijsselmeer. A small town
named Heerenveen lied in our general path. It had two coffeeshops.
This made it worth the effort. Both were on the same street and only
a few numbers apart. A possible two menu assault on the unknowing
villiage. As it turns out Heerenveen is a one coffeeshop town. Dizzy Duck
was in business and allowed a menu picture. Canupa 4 doors away had closed
it's doors for good.a while back.

On the return to Haarlem we drove across sea bottom as far as Robert
remembered. believe it or not the Netherlands used to have even more
water than it does now. The once Zuiderzee has become a much smaller
Ijsselmeer. Zee being sea and meer being lake.


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 November 22


Grotte Markt

I wonder if any of this is low cal?

Fresh hot stroopwafels

Maybe some cheese.

I'm liking Robert's camera.


Some Birdy swag I was gifted.


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November 23




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November 24


Brederode Castle


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November 25




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November 26



Joe Cool

Menus from both.


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November 27





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November 28





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 November 29


Grotte Markt


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November 30




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December 1




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December 2




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December 3


The ride home.


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